Stories of Hope



Sergio was placed into foster care at the age of 2 after a childhood of neglect, abuse, and drug exposure. Some of his challenges included severe developmental delays, congenital encephalopathy, autism spectrum disorder, and aggression toward himself and others. When he was first placed in his New Families foster home, he had difficulty walking, little to no speech, and frequent tantrums. With the love, care, and support of his foster family and New Families social worker, as well as county services, Sergio has blossomed into a happy, loving, and bright little boy. He adores swimming, jumping on the trampoline, spending time with his family and adopted sister, going to school, and showing how independent he can be. This past year, he was adopted by his foster family, who say that they can't imagine their life or family without Sergio. Despite the challenges Sergio has faced in his life, he now has a safe, loving forever home to continue to grow in.

Emma & Anna

Emma, age 4, Anna, age 7, were removed from their mother's care due to an unsafe home environment. During the year they spent in their New Families foster home, both girls received the love, support, and guidance they needed to cope with this challenging situation. New Families provided a supportive social worker who met weekly with the girls and their foster parents to help ensure the girls' and the family's stability. Both Emma and Anna thrived socially and emotionally, and when the county determined that it was safe for them to return home, they were successfully reunified with their mother.