New Families became a licensed nonprofit Foster Family Agency in June of 1998. Founder Janet Parske has served as the executive director for the past 20 years. With many years of experience in the field of social services, she is well-known as an outspoken advocate of children’s rights. She is joined by a highly dedicated and experienced staff, who work individually and as a team to provide case management, advocacy, and outreach for the foster children and resource families served by New Families.

What is a Foster Family Agency?

County placement agencies often place foster children in homes certified by Foster Family Agencies (FFAs). FFAs are organized and operated on a non-profit basis and are engaged in the following activities: recruiting, certifying, and training foster parents, providing professional support to foster parents, and finding homes or other temporary or permanent placements for children who require more intensive care. FFAs in California follow state and local licensing regulations and must be accredited by an external accreditation association.

Resource families who become certified to foster children through FFAs receive additional funding, support, and case management for the children placed in their home than they may receive from county placement alone. FFA social workers advocate for needs-based services for the child and family, and collaborate with the existing team for the foster child, which may include the foster parents, biological parents, county social worker, mental health providers, Court-Appointed Special Advocates, support counselors, and more.



We pledge to:

  • Keep children safe

  • Help families reunify

  • Support resource families

  • Provide emergency, long-term, and adoptive placements

  • Keep children within their community

  • Work as a member of the child’s team

  • Help find permanency - children need stability and commitment

  • Provide needed services to children

  • Help children move forward in their lives